Saturday, December 11, 2010

Corporate Excellence Through Corporate Governance

CI 2.0 - Competitive Innovation Intelligence

Microsoft Business Intelligence

The Evolution Of Knowledge Management Km 1.0 Vs. Km 2.0

Introduction to Business Process Management

Introduction To Forensic Methodologies

Cisco & VMware Products & Services as of Nov 23, 08

Citrix & Microsoft Simplify Branch Support

Quick Guide Force10 Virtualization and 10 GbE Networks

The Value of NetApp with VMware

Rationalize, Centralize, Externalize:

Siebel CRM Appcast

Oracle Social CRM Applications Strategy Overview And Roadmap

Oracle Cloud Computing Strategy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PowerPoint Arrow Timelines by StratPro

PowerPoint Business Charts and Diagrams By Strat Pro

Pest Analysis PowerPoint Template by StratPro

Risk Matrix PowerPoint Template by StratPro

Checklists PowerPoint Template by StratPro

Circles With Core PowerPoint Template by StratPro

Text Boxes PowerPoint Template by StratPro

PowerPoint Balanced Scorecard Template by Strat Pro

PowerPoint Flow Charts Template by Strat Pro

Tables with Icons - PowerPoint Template by StratPro

PowerPoint GANTT Charts by StratPro

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template by StratPro

Organization Development Credo and Competencies

Deloitte CrowdIN: Social Media Strategy & Delivery

Strategic Planning For Managers

Corporate Strategy Development -- Key Concepts and Frameworks -- B. Teeuwsen 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lte: How To Transform A Promising Technology In A Real Business

ABCD's of WAN Optimization

What You Cant See Can Hurt You

Bi keynote

SIP in Service Quality Monitoring

End To End Service Monitoring For Converged Services

IPTV Service Assurance

Keynote Systems Launches KITE

LTE - Long Term Evolution

17 Principles for Presenters

Sales Process Mapping: Best Practices for Sales Management

Siebel Sales Overview and Roadmap

Monday, June 21, 2010

Active listening and empathic highlights

Challenging clients

Counseling types

Course outcomes and confidentiality

Helping clients tell their stories

Helping clients tell their stories

Helping relationship & its values

Introduction to counseling values clarification

Probing & summarizing

Skilled helper model


The basics of communication

What is counseling

Marketing Plan

Presentation Skills For Managers

Project Management Quick Reference Guide for Microsoft Project 2007

Project Management Best Practices - By Jerry Helms, PMP

Project Management Processes

5 Key Chart Project Management (TM) Methodology

Public Speaking: Presenting with Power and Passion